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Tuyển gấp: Fresher Embedded Software Engineer – Hạn nộp hồ sơ 15/7/2022


Ví trí:  Fresher Embedded Software Engineer


Bạn quan tâm gởi CV qua email: dientuhitech@gmail.com.

Trung tâm tổng hợp CV và gởi đến công ty.

Hạn nộp: 15/7/2022

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Tiêu đề email: [STYL SOLUTION] – Fresher Embedded Software Engineer

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About STYL Solutions

Ride on the wave of Industry 4.0! Join STYL Solutions in the forefront of using Fintech and IoT
technologies for smart city/nation transformation. Headquartered in Singapore with R&D center
in Vietnam, STYL Solutions designs, develops, and supplies hardware, software, and integrated
solutions for applications in payment, loyalty management, location tracking, self-service
operation, telemetry. Our market segment coverage extends from financial services, retail, mass
transit, education to social services markets in Singapore and South Asia Pacific.
Our vision is to use Fintech and IoT to create smart and efficient cities that enhances Quality of
Life through convenience and healthier living.
We are looking for fresher Embedded Software Engineer to join our team in building highperforming, scalable, enterprise-grade applications for our clients.

• Working on project for NFC reader payment IOT devices.

• Working on project for Towel return solutions.
• Perform Unit test, System tests, Delivery test.
• Document about User Manual, Developer Guide
• Familiar to common standard communication protocol such as USB, SPI, I2C, UART, …
• Good understanding on MCU and Embedded System
• Solid programming experience in C or C++
Preferred qualifications
• English communication skills (both speaking and writing)

Working Hours/ Day
• Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm
• Lunch break: 12pm – 1pm
Location: 25 – 27 B4 Street, Sala Urban Area, An Loi Dong Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City

• Competitive salary and annual salary review based on performance and contribution.
• Opportunities to travel to overseas (Japan, Singapore) for training and supporting
• Have chance to work directly with Singaporean Project Managers.
• Annual health check-ups
• Premium health insurance
• Laptop provided
• Catered lunch
• 5 days Paid Family Medical Leave
• 14 days of annual leave

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